• Praxis is an online simulation
    training environment that
    delivers experiential learning
    through scenario exercises.

  • Praxis is an online, interactive simulation-training environment that delivers experiential learning through scenario- and problem-based exercises. Participants learn how to apply their knowledge and test assumptions – gaining valuable insights that can dramatically increase preparedness.

    Schedule anytime, anywhere training across any industry

    Bring critical incidents to life in a safe and controlled environment

    Develop essential team resource management skills for dealing with the stress and complexity of a major event

    Realistically model unfolding incidents and events that respond to learners' actions

    Praxis supports a wide variety of industries like Public Safety & Emergency Response, Education, Government, Finance, Oil & Gas, and Property Management.
    Why you need Praxis
    Enhance team capacity and preparedness

    The interactive, immersive learning environment enables participants to apply critical assessment and decision-making skills, across a variety of industries

    Improve knowledge retention

    Experiential simulation learning instills lasting knowledge and team confidence, leading to better analysis and decision-making when real crises occur.

    Save time, money and resources

    The cloud-based Praxis solution can be delivered to any internet-enabled location. It’s simple to use, eliminates travel costs, and provides effective training in a safe and controlled environment.

    See Praxis in action

    Looking to move beyond click-through,
    role-playing or tabletop exercises to
    improve your organization’s communication,
    critical analysis and decision-making skills?
    We’d be happy to provide a no-obligation
    Praxis demonstration.